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Is laser hair removal effective?


Is laser hair removal effective?

During laser treatment a beam of light (laser) is concentrated on a specific area in order to heat the hair follicles to slow down hair growth. Although it isn’t a permanent, quick fix process it does make the hair follicles dormant. This means it prolongs the process of hair growth meaning that you wouldn’t have to repeat the process as much as you would if you shaved or waxed for example. This makes laser treatment the best method for hair removal.


Laser treatment has the best effect on lighter skin tones with darker hair. This isn’t to say that it’s not a successful process for different skin types, it just means that it is more effective the lighter your skin and darker your hair is.


It can take between 2 and 3 weeks after your first treatment to notice a difference and to get the best result we recommend 6-12 courses of the treatment. Some of our clients have reported that they notice a difference after their first treatment, but it really depends on your skin type, your hormones and the speed in which your hair usually grows. 


It’s important that your consultations are regular and consistent to get the best results. After your first course, top up treatments may be required but these will take place over longer periods of time such as every quarter or twice per year. When the hairs do grow back they are much lighter and finer and not as many will come back.


In very rare circumstances laser treatment can stimulate hair growth. This happens more often on finer hair known as Vellus. We will of course advise you during your consultation if there may be a chance of this occurring.


Laser treatment also has other benefits such as reducing the chances of in-growing hairs, this is because laser removal encourages the hair to grow straight when it does reappear. It can also improve your skin condition, giving you a more clearer and smoother complex. 


It’s important that you seek a professional when thinking about laser treatment. Using equipment at home can be dangerous if you’re not qualified. Please book in a consultation to discuss your hair removal requirements. We look forward to seeing you in our clinic.

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