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Is laser treatment safe when trying for a baby?


Is laser treatment safe when trying for a baby?

There is no evidence that laser hair removal treatment can hinder your chances of conceiving so there’s no harm in having treatment whilst trying for a baby. However, what you do need to consider is that for the hair removal treatment to be successful it may take multiple courses of treatment to see the full results. By the time of your next appointment you could already be pregnant and if that’s the case we strongly advise not continuing with your treatment. This means the process would need to start all over again after you’ve had your baby. 

What if I am undergoing treatment and don’t realise I am pregnant?

Don’t worry there is no evidence to suggest that your baby will be affected by the treatment. Health professionals advise against it due to the lack of research in this area. We recommend that you cease treatment until after your baby is born as soon as you are aware you’re pregnant.

Due to your hormones during pregnancy the risks to you are higher such as;

  • Blistering to the skin
  • scarring
  • skin irritation – due to sensitivity
  • changes to skin colour
  • excessive hair regrowth (in very rare cases)

You can read our previous blog about Laser Hair removal and pregnancy here.

If you have prepaid for a package and discover you’re pregnant we can put your sessions on hold until after your pregnancy.

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