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Electrolysis is a method of hair removal that is 100% permanent and it is suitable for all hair and skin types. Regardless of the cause of the hair growth whether it be hereditary, metabolic or hormonal, electrolysis will remove unwanted hair for good! It is perfect for smaller areas or hairs that can’t be treated by laser hair removal.

Electrolysis has been used for over a hundred years but it has come a long way since it’s humble beginning in 1875. These days computer technology enables the electrologist to work with speed and comfort. The machine at The Laser Lounge Media City treats hairs in under a millisecond meaning shorter appointment times.

Electrolysis starts from £35 a session

the scienceHow does Electrolysis work?

It works by putting a fine probe into the skin’s natural opening and an electrical current is sent down the probe and into the growth centre of the hair. This kills the hair for good! The probe doesn’t pierce the skin so you shouldn’t feel it and there is only a slight sting when the electrical current is released. The hair is then removed with tweezers and it’s as easy as that.

Electrolysis is very effective but as each hair has to be treated individually you must appreciate that this takes time. Hairs don’t grow all at the same time so a number of appointments will be required to get hair free. But hang in there it will definitely be worth it. You will be looking at weekly or fortnightly appointments for quicker results.
If you want to be absolutely sure that those hairs will never show their pesky faces again then electrolysis is for you.

Are you transgender?

No matter what stage in your transition you’re at, we can help with your hair removal journey. The friendly and discreet clinic is here to welcome you with open arms.

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"I've suffered from PCOS for many years and I thought there was nothing that could help my hair growth problem. Before having laser hair removal I was shaving or threading daily and by the evening the hair had already grown back."
"As a young guy I find it difficult to take my top off on holiday because I am so embarrassed about my back hair. I decided to try laser hair removal with The Laser Lounge Media City and I wasn't disappointed. After just 2 sessions I am already seeing a dramatic difference in the hair growth. It is much thinner and definitely patchy. I can't wait to see what it's like after my full course"
"Lucie is lovely. I am completely hair free on my face and neck after just 5 sessions and we had the lockdown half way through too. Would definitely recommend the clinic to others looking to get rid of facial hair!"