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Skin Blemish removal

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Skin blemish removal is also known as Advanced Electrolysis. This is an amazingly effective method of removing several unsightly skin blemishes. Electrolysis is best known for its abilities to remove unwanted hair using an electrical current but in recent years it has been found extremely useful for treating a variety of common problems.

Advanced electrolysis uses diathermy electrolysis to remove blemishes on the face and body. The machine uses an electrical current to heat up the probe and this assists in the cauterisation of the blood supply to the blemish.

Skin Blemish removal

The most common blemishes that advanced electrolysis can be used to treat are:

Skin tags

This are common fibrous skin growths that are normally found in areas of friction. Such as around the collar or underarms. There are a variety of different type of skin tags but they are all very treatable with advanced electrolysis.

Telangiectasia (thread veins)

Thread veins plague lots of people and are those pesky red veins that you can find around your nose. These are often called ‘broken capillaries’ but are actually permanently dilated capillaries in the body. Sometimes several appointments are needed to banish them for good to protect your skin from pigmentation.

Spider Naevus

These are dilated blood vessels with little capillaries coming off it like a spider. Spider Naevus are often caused by a trauma to the skin such as a bump when you were a child. They can be tricky to treat so a couple of appointments might be needed.


These are small white pearls on the skin. They are a build up of keratin and they tend to grow in size they aren’t treated. Milia are either removed using advanced electrolysis or using a small micro lance. Both are highly effective methods to remove the blemish.

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