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Transgender Hair Removal

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Here at The Laser Lounge Media City we specialise in Transgender hair removal services. Lucie has extensive experience treating transgender clients for facial and body hair removal and for electrolysis on the surgical site for gender reassignment surgery.

As a transgender woman the first area you may want to start with is facial hair as it is incredibly time consuming keeping it at bay and it is a common trigger for gender dysphoria. The removal of facial hair is a real confidence booster.

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Laser Hair Removal

Electrolysis is the method of removing single hairs using a fine probe and an electrical current. It is the only form of permanent hair removal and therefore is the only choice for the surgical graft site.


Laser hair removal can be used for bigger body parts such as the legs or a mixture of laser and electrolysis can be used to provide quick and long lasting results. We use an Apilus electrolysis machine at the clinic. Read more about this here.

The clinic is situated in a discreet location and is the perfect place to start your hair removal journey. We welcome private clients.

Please Note: Lucie is no longer taking clients for electrolysis until February 2022. Please contact us to be added to the waiting list.

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"I've suffered from PCOS for many years and I thought there was nothing that could help my hair growth problem. Before having laser hair removal I was shaving or threading daily and by the evening the hair had already grown back."