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Where can I have cryolipolysis?


Where can I have cryolipolysis?


Fat freezing, or cryolipolysis, is one of those almost perfect treatments; it’s non-invasive, the results are long-lasting if not immediately apparent, and while it’s not a quick fix, it’s that little extra push over the finish line in achieving the results you want.

Because of the nature of fat freezing treatments, the finished product is a much more natural look and more gradual fat loss, so there’s no super obvious weight loss, and even better, there’s less chance of any large patches of loose skin to deal with.

As it’s not an overall weight loss treatment (in fact, it doesn’t work well for that kind of treatment), it’s designed for those troublesome spots that don’t seem able to be touched, no matter how well you eat, or how hard you work out.

If you have saddlebags or are tired of your tummy or thighs never quite getting there, then this fat freezing treatment might well be the right treatment for you. You don’t have to be at the end of your tether.

To find out exactly how cryolipolysis works, please check out this handy blog we’ve written on the subject here. But if you’re interested in precisely where cryolipolysis treatments can be had on your body, carry on reading!

It’s worth pointing out that this is a general guide. Everybody reacts differently to Fat freezing and while someone might respond extremely well to Fat freezing on their thighs, the results might vary for you.

Problem areas that cryolipolysis works well for

As we’ve already said, cryolipolysis isn’t an overall weight loss treatment, but rather a treatment that can focus on treating problem areas of the body. It’s basically a holy grail of spot treatments for stubborn areas of problem fat.

Surface fat, the sort that can be pinched between your fingers, responds far better to Fat freezing. Deeper, subcutaneous fat doesn’t respond well to the treatment, and in fact, cryolipolysis can’t touch those areas. However, there’s some good news!

The most stubborn areas of fat that people most commonly want to spot-treat are close-to-the-surface, pinchable areas of fat.

These include:

Love handles/flanks

This area, around your hips, is a stubborn area that puts on fat very easily but is much harder to shift through conventional means alone, and it has many names.

Saddlebags, flanks, love handles, or muffin-top; whatever name you choose for it, you probably know it well and you probably hate it, and it only seems to respond to the most extreme of dieting or exercise.

This is an area that cryolipolysis can definitely help with, giving you that final push so that you can feel confident in your body, and confident in wearing shirts, skirts and dresses that are on the slimmer side again. This area of the body is, arguably, the area that responds the best to fat freezing treatment.


This has always been one of the most hated areas to try and lose weight from or tone and slim down. The stomach or abdomen stores body fat incredibly stubbornly and it just as stubbornly refuses to let it go.

In men, this stomach fat manifests as a beer belly or can be a side effect of surgery or medication. In women, this fat can accumulate for any number of reasons, including post-pregnancy weight gain, hormonal changes, and response to medication.

Luckily, just like the love handles/saddlebags area, the stomach responds extremely well to cryolipolysis treatment, and after treatment, patients have been able to achieve a flat stomach and even sculpt abs with further exercise.


Whilst your inner and outer thighs are two different areas and deposit fat differently, this is an area of the body that’s getting increasingly more popular to have Fat freezing treatments for.

The thigh area is a much more muscular part of the body and doesn’t tend to deposit as much fat as elsewhere (think the stomach and love handles), but it does still happen. Think of saddlebags, and think of no daylight between your inner thighs.

However, these are problem areas that can also be targeted successfully by cryolipolysis. With Fat freezing, those saddlebags can be no more and you can finally get that coveted thigh gap!

Buttocks and banana rolls

The buttocks in general aren’t easy to target with cryolipolysis, as there’s quite a lot of muscle and other tissue in that area (in fact, if you remember from your biology lessons, the buttocks are the largest muscle group in the human body).

As a result, because there’s a lot of muscle there, fat doesn’t tend to deposit there as much as in other areas. However, the lower buttocks is an area where fat tends to be stored by the body, and good news! This is absolutely an area that can be spot treated with Fat freezing!

Upper arms/bingo wings

Another problem area of the body, upper arm fat is stubborn and can give you that saggy, ‘bingo wings,’ type of look.

Fat freezing won’t be able to help with every single case of this, but if your upper arm fat is a little on the fluffier and lumpier side, you’ll see better results with this fat freezing treatment.

To sum it all up

Cryolipolysis or Fat freezing is not a one size fits all type of treatment and isn’t intended for overall weight loss, but as you can see, several things can be done with the treatment, and even better, it can be targeted to traditional problem areas.

Here at the Laser Lounge, we specialise in this type of treatment and are a premier treatment centre for cryolipolysis/fat freezing Manchester-based.

Located in MediaCityUK, in Salford Quays, we’re an aesthetic MediSpa that specialises in both laser hair removal and Fat freezing treatments.

If you’re curious about our treatments or would like to book a consultation, please click here

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