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Why Laser


Well why not?

There aren’t a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t do laser here at The Laser Lounge Media City but this short blog will have you wishing you’d booked in for laser sooner!

It’s pretty much permanent

Laser hair removal is classed at 90-95% permanent hair reduction. Basically, it will never grow back to how it was before you started so that is a win-win situation. Any hairs that do grow back will be much finer and lighter than they were before. Combat any regrowth with a quick single session top up at any time.

It is so quick

Laser hair removal is so much faster than you thought. A full Hollywood can be done in less than 15 minutes. Here is what a couple of our customers said about speed.

“It was so fast, I couldn’t believe how quickly it was done and there was literally no pain!”- Gemma W (Hollywood)

“I’ve just had my upper lip done and I was in and out in 15 minutes. Ideal as I pop over on my lunch break”- Janine G (Upper lip)

Why is it so quick? I hear you ask. Well the multi flash technology of our TrinityDiode triple wavelength laser means the hair gets to the right temperature quickly and painlessly. No cutting corners or poor results. Just amazing hair removal at an affordable price.

It doesn’t hurt

Don’t listen to what your mates tell you. The laser here at The Laser Lounge Media City is completely pain free! Sometimes it might feel a little bit hot but do not worry it will only be for a second!

Gone are the days of painful whipping feeling of the laser. Say hello to a pain free journey to being completely hair free! Put that waxing strip down!

Saves you time and money

After 6-10 sessions you will be hair free. So no more 3 weekly waxing appointments or daily shaving. Saving you time AND money!

Have I twisted your arm yet?

Last thing… Less plastic goes into landfill. Saving the planet one hair free body at a time.

Nothing to lose coming for a free consultation. Hope to see you soon

Lucie x

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